Or Follow Ascend Running:

Leg Routine#1

YouTube Video

(each for 20-30s, 3-4 rounds)

  • Lunges

    • Either reverse lunges or forward lunges

    • Do one leg at a time, repeated for half the time, then switch legs.

  • Hops

    • Either one leg at a time, or both together. Hop in each of 4 directions, returning back to the middle between each hop. Looks like a +. (forward, side, back, other side)

  • Dead-lift

    • Recommend single leg deadlift.

    • Try to carry something heavy in your hands, hinge at the waist, keep your back straight, only go down til you feel a little stretch in the hamstrings.

  • Toe-taps

    • Tap one of your feet, lifting the toe high and putting a little bit of weight on that leg.

    • Can try side-to-side toe taps too.

  • Skaters

    • Jumping side to side, from one foot to the other, stepping as wide as you can between each jump.

Core Routine#2

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(each for 20-30s, 3-4 rounds)

  • Side plank - Feet STACKED

    • Both sides

    • Can raise TOP leg to make it harder

  • Flutter Kick

    • Can put hands under the butt to make it easier.

    • Don’t let your lower back round.    

  • Side plank - Feet CROSSED

    • Both sides

    • Can raise BOTTOM leg to make it harder

  • Flutter Kick (same as above)

  • Side-lying leg-lifts

    • On your side, lift the top leg, keeping the toe pointed horizontal or a little down (both sides)

Core Routine#1

YouTube Video

(20-30s each, 3-4 rounds)

  • Plank with limb-raises

  • Bird-dog

  • Dead (dying) Bug

  • Single-leg Bridge

Plyometrics, Strength, and Balance - for Running Economy and Injury Prevention

Bryan Ausinheiler, a physical therapist and personal trainer in Oakland California, shares some of the research on the impact of motor control, strength and plyometric training on running economy and injury prevention in sports and teaches his three favorite exercises for runners.

Bryan's website and blog


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Lauersen, Jeppe Bo, Ditte Marie Bertelsen, and Lars Bo Andersen. "The effectiveness of exercise interventions to prevent sports injuries: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials." British journal of sports medicine 48.11 (2014): 871-877.